Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter! Oh, am I late?

Well, call me a slacker, procrastinator or what have you, but things have just been getting away from me lately. I took on some new responsibilities at work the past couple of weeks, as well as being just plain...lazy! Hope everyone's Easter was grand, I know ours was!

This year, because our family just isn't as large as it use to, we decided to combine my family and my husbands. My mother is so great, she hosted the whole thing. Our parents grew up and attended school together, so they are no strangers, but still, having everyone together instead of running here and there was a blessing. Taylor really enjoyed it too, having Nana and Papa with Grandma and Grandpa...lil' bug was ecstatic.

We started out Easter Day traveling to a local church that was hosting an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Matt and I had gone to Easter vigil the night before at our church just so we could go to this other church Easter morning. Don't write this off as just some ordinary egg hunt though. Here they dropped 5,000 eggs from a helicopter hovering overhead! Now this was exciting!! In a marked field next to the church, they roped off areas for different age groups to gather eggs. At 12:30 exactly, a helicopter flew overhead and hovered over the empty field.

3...2...1...DROP! All of a sudden the pilot started dumping bags and bags of plastic eggs from the helicopter! After he circled a couple more times, he jetted off, waiving to all the children as he passed. Once he was clear, the race was on. The demand was far greater than the supply, and many children were left egg-less. Taylor ended up walking away with 10 or so eggs. I was so proud of my lil' tay, there was a little girl who only chased down 2 eggs, and Taylor without skipping a beat took one of her eggs and placed it into her bag. I walked away with a little smile on my heart, Taylor really is growing up to be a caring little lady.

Starving now, we all headed back to my parents home, where we had left dinner cooking in the oven while we went off on our adventure. I had made 3 loaves of homemade bread that was rising, while the ham and twice baked potatoes coasted in the oven. We definitely had our fill, no one was left hungry. We even had two desserts to choose from; fresh strawberry pie, and carrot cake.

After dinner we headed outside to have a little Easter egg hunt on our own. Taylor and I had colored eggs earlier in the week, just to help out the Easter Bunny. Without her even knowing, he picked them up and hid them in the backyard for her. I almost lost it when she seen the first egg up in the lower branches of the tree. "Mommy, he jumps high, the Easter Bunny jumps really high", "oh look, mommy, he jumps on the fence too!" Oh my bug! She was not cautious with them either! Every egg she added to her pail landed with a "crunch". I cringed every time she dive-bombed the eggs. Well, looks like we're making potato salad or deviled eggs!

My mother-in-law even made Easter baskets for us. Yeah, Matt and I got one too. Mine was filled with the ever-so-popular PEEPS(r) and a chocolate bunny. PEEPS(r) are not very far on my list of candies I use to love as a child, but now...(see previous post!)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter, and you got to spend it with the family you love, I know we did!

Until next time...