Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life is like a.....

...roll of NECCO wafers!

LOL..gotcha didn't I?
While going through my cupboard the other day (cleaning out all of the old junk) I found a bag of NECCO wafers stuffed in the back. These things are like tootsie rolls; no matter how old they are, they never seem to go bad!

Taylor was very curious.

Tay: "Mommy, what are those?"
Me: "Their NECCO wafers.
Tay: "can I have one?"
Me: "you won't like them, they taste like medicine."
Tay: "yes I will, I like medicine"
Me: "trust me, they're really bad"
Tay: "then why do you like them mommy?"

Humm....ya know what, she got me. Why do I like them, eh, did I like them? I mean look at them, they're hard, pasty, chalky, medicine flavored flat disks? I dunno, maybe the nostalgic in me bought them? I my grandmother had a large roll in her purse, and my sister and I would pick out the good ones when we visited.

What are the original eight flavors in a Necco Wafer Roll? According to their website (Which you can visit HERE!) the original eight flavors: orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice and wintergreen. If you ask me, the flavors are; orange-yup orange, yellow-i guess lemon, green-lime, light purple-yeah that's clove, brown-powdered tootsie roll, pink-pepto bismol, purple-black licorice or a bad rum ball @ Christmas, green-winter mint, white-cinnamon hearts. Whatever you think it tastes like, its always undermined by the 1/4" dusting of chalk all over it. Whatever you do--DO NOT BITE THEM-- biting them not only could chip a tooth, but it makes that powdery disk a gritty mess in your mouth. Almost like you're chomping on a handful of pebbles in your mouth, yuck!

Ha ha ha...yup, Taylor and I opened them up and had a taste-test before I tossed the whole bag in the trash. Maybe it'll wait another 20 years til I buy them again, who knows?

Yup, threw the whole bag out!

So here's the million-dollar question....Is there something from your childhood that you use to love but now find repulsive or is there something you long for but cannot find anymore?

What do you remember as a child?

Leave me a comment, who knows, maybe I'll give a treat for the best answer?

Until next time....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Helllloooo out there!

You may be wondering (or you may not!) where I've been the past few days...one word, WORK! Lately we've been really cut back on hours, but not this week! When no one else seems to want to show up for work, they call me in. I've worked 3 different departments this week! I'm actually on my way in right now, but as you can see, a shower can wait, but my blog must live on!!

...Working nine to five...

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather (mostly everyone, right?) and hope in your neck of the woods spring is right around the corner.

I'll be back shortly with new photos, and stories gallore!

Until next time...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting Linky With It.

The R Family Diaries: Optimism Pays: Let's Get Linky With It.

You gotta check out this very "optimistic" give-a-way! If you follow my link there, I get a vote in the contest. If you want to see my entry, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE!!!

Thanks everyone!

Until next time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in the air.

Last weekend the family loaded up in the Jeep to take a little day trip to Sandusky Ohio. We met early that morning to enjoy breakfast at Pond-a-cow (aka. Ponderosa). Funny story, growing up our family used to frequent Ponderosa for any type of family gathering/dinner/holiday and had many, um, experiences. There was one Easter everyone in our family had to rotate in and out of the bathroom after our dining experience. Imagine, a family of four taking numbers to use the only bathroom in the house! Yeah, it took us a long time to go back! My mother would make comments that it was like feeding time at the zoo when she walked in there, stuff yourself til you puke!

Ponderosa (aka. pond-a-cow) a great place NOW for breakfast!

Jumping forward about 20 years, we have grown more to enjoy their new Sunday morning breakfast bar. They really have cleaned up their act. It helps a good friend of ours is also a manager there, so if we EVER have a concern, Cheryl will take care of it! Today's breakfast was filled with pancakes, waffles, french toast and custom-made omelets. Taylor even had a bowl of ice cream to top it all off! After breakfast we headed off to Sandusky. My mom had picked up free tickets to the Kalahari Home and Garden Show saving us a boat-load of mulah($6.00 each savings)!

Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio @ dusk.

Walking into the beautiful conference hall, the smell of fresh blooms filled the air. Patience, we will get there soon enough. If you'd like more information about Kalahari resort and their WONDERFUL water resort, check out their ad on my side bar (then I'll get credit for your click, hehe)or you could CLICK HERE!

Kalahari Resorts...someday we may even stay the night!

We made our way around the halls of the conference hall, picking up an array of freebies; candy, pencils, business cards, magnets etc. The coolest freebie, cash! One of the credit unions booths was even giving away "green bags" cloth grocery bags. Of course I wanted one, but there was a catch. You had to sign up for, wait for it, a drawing! Almost always followed by the annoying telemarketing calls-yuck! Cool part was they had a big basket filled with green plastic Easter eggs that you also got to pick out of after you signed up. Cringing, I did it anyways, and checked the do not call me box very clear. I didn't want to be the only one having all of the fun, so I pushed Taylor towards the basket and told her to pick out an egg. Yay for Tay, my lil bug opened an egg with a dollar bill in it, $1.00 hard cold cash for her piggy bank! You would've thought she won the lottery, she was hooting and hollering like it was a million. My mother, on the other hand, opened one of the MANY dud eggs. Oh well, we all can't be winners!

Aahh..take a deep breath, I've turned on the scent just for you!

Next, we walked into the long awaited "nursery" rooms. These side meeting rooms are filled from top to bottom with beautiful trees and blooming flowers galore. Usual centerpiece is a stone or brick patio, but a really neat addition this year, the water fountain wall. I could hardly keep Taylor's hands out of it.

Taylor playing in the water, surprise, surprise!

We loved walking through here, dreaming, and the fragrance was unbelievable! Taylor wanted mommy to take her picture next to every single flower in the room. I only picked a couple, she literally took dozens! I can't help it though, she is such a camera ham!

Taylor posing...and posing some more!

Overall, it was a very good day. We got to see what everyone was offering in home improvements out there, as well as really get some spring in our system. I didn't mind getting out of the house too. Someday we may stay overnight and check out Kalahari's huge indoor water park, but for now we'll just admire it from a distance.

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs of Spring....

Today the skies parted and we had a bit of a dry day. We have been drenched with rain here lately and everything is flooded. So when I had the opportunity to get outside and see what was going on, the doors couldn't hold me in anymore. I really could use some signs of spring to shake these winter blahs. The smell of spring was in the air for the first time, and our first robins started flocking around our neighborhood. I even woke the other morning to a songbird serenade, yes I am ecstatic spring is here!

Buds on my favorite lilac bush and the daffodils have broke ground, spring is almost here!

Taylor and I took a walk around the yard for the first time. It was a little bittersweet though, nice to see the yard, bad to see all of the work that needed done as a result of winter. I picked up a bit of trash that had blown into our fence, and moved a few planters, but today's tour was just to assess the damage, and see the new life popping up.

Soon these planters will be filled with beautiful blooms!

Taylor loved it as well. She really could care less about walking around the yard, her main concern was sifting through the sand and picking rocks out. She has had a passion for rocks ever since our trip to Port Huron. She has this need to pick up rock and pebbles everywhere we go. See my post about Port Huron HERE to see Taylor in action!

Taylor picking out a few pebbles out of the sand.

The breeze was really warm as well. It was nice to just sit there on the deck and take in the warmth. Ahhh...I really can't wait for more signs of spring!

Taylor loves the breeze.

I hope to have more photos as the weather warms! Maybe if the water recedes a bit we can go to one of our favorite parks?

Happy Spring!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top O' the mornin' to ya! Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! While thinking about a festive post for today's occasion, I found an article that really sheds some light on today. It's an interesting read,
From the
Rocky Mountain Family Council.

Who Was the Real St. Patrick?

There are many legends and traditions associated with St. Patrick's Day. Who was the real St. Patrick?

St. Patrick was not actually Irish. he was born around 373 A.D. in the British Isles near the modern city of Dumbarton in Scotland. His real name was Maewyn Succat. He took the name of Patrick, or Patricius, meaning "well-born" in Latin, after he became a priest.

During Patrick's boyhood, the Roman empire was near collapse and too weak to defend its holdings in distant lands. Britain became easy prey for raiders, including those who crossed the Irish sea from the land known as Hibernia or Ireland. When Patrick was sixteen, he was seized by raiders and carried off to Ireland.

Most of what is known about St. Patrick comes from his own Confession, written in his old age. In his Confession he wrote about his capture:

As a youth, nay, almost as a boy not able to speak, I was taken captive ... I was like a stone lying in the deep mire; and He that is mighty came and in His mercy lifted me up, and raised me aloft ... And therefore I ought to cry out aloud and so also render something to the Lord for His great benefits here and in eternity -- benefits which the mind of men is unable to appraise.

After Patrick was captured and taken to Ireland as a slave by an Irish chieftain named Niall, he was sold to another chieftain in northern Ireland. Much of Patrick's time was spend alone on the slopes of Slemish Mountain, tending his master's flocks of sheep. During the long, lonely hours in the fields and hills of Ireland, Patrick found comfort in praying. In his Confession he wrote:

... every day I had to tend sheep, and many times a day I prayed -- the love of God and His fear came to me more and more, and my faith was strengthened. And my spirit was moved so that in a single day I would say as many as a hundred prayers and almost as many in the night, and this even when I was staying in the woods and on the mountains; ... and I felt no harm, and there was no sloth in me -- as now I see, because the spirit within me was fervent.

Six years passed slowly by. Then in a dream, Patrick heard a voice saying, "Thy ship is ready for thee." This was God's way, he felt, of telling him to run away.

That night he fled. Assured God was leading him, Patrick plunged through the bogs and scaled the mountains which separated him from the sea. He escaped Ireland by ship, but God would call him back years later. Patrick had escaped his boyhood enslavement in Ireland only to hear the call of God as a man to return. He was being called on, he felt, to convert the Irish to Christianity. In his Confession Patrick wrote:

I saw a man named Victoricus, coming from Ireland with countless letters. He game me one of them and I read the opening words which were: The voice of the Irish ... I thought at the same moment I heard their voice: 'We beg you, young man, come and walk among us once more.

And I was quite broken in heart, and could read no further, and so I woke up. Thanks be to God, after many years the Lord gave to them according to their cry.

... they call me most unmistakably with words which I heard but could not understand, except that ... He spoke thus: 'He that has laid down His life for thee, it is He that speaketh in thee;' and so I awoke full of joy.

When Patrick began his mission about 430 A.D., Ireland was gripped by paganism, Idolatry prevailed and the Irish knew nothing of Jesus. Patrick decided to go first to the pagan chieftain or king who had enslaved him as a boy. Rather than be put to shame by a former slave, the king set fire to his house and threw himself into the flames.

Patrick then set out for Tara, the seat of the high king of Ireland. When Patrick arrived, Tara was filled with many local kings and druids who were attending the pagan feast of Beltine which coincided with Easter that year. Patrick encamped in the full view of the castle to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

On the eve of the festival it was the custom, upon penalty of death, that the high king should light the first bonfire before any others in the land. Patrick, however, had kindled a great fire which gleamed through the darkness. Patrick was summoned before the king. The confrontation which followed is as amazing as Elijah's victory over the prophets of Baal.

Patrick stood and called, May God arise and His enemies be scattered. Darkness fell on the camp. Confused guards began to attack one another. The ground shook and the next day, Easter, a broken king knelt before God's servant. This confrontation between Patrick's God and demonic forces marked the beginning of a thirty-year mission to Ireland.

Patrick traveled the roads and forded the rivers of Ireland for 30 years to see men and women "reborn in God' and come to know the Christ he loved so much. Patrick wrote in his Confession:

We ought to fish well and diligently, as our Lord exhorts. Hence, we spread our nets so that a great multitude and throng might be caught for God.

By the time of his death, Patrick had baptized tens of thousands and established hundreds of churches throughout Ireland. Danger and hardship remained his constant companions. Twice he was imprisoned, but he was not discouraged. He wrote in his Confession:

Daily I expect murder, fraud, or captivity, but I fear none of these things because of the promises of heaven. I have cast myself into the hands of God Almighty who rules everywhere.

Within a century this once pagan land became predominately Christian, possessing such a vigorous faith that Ireland in turn sent missionaries to Scotland, England, Germany and Belgium.

As an old man, Patrick looked back in awe:

Those who never had knowledge of God but worshipped idols ... have now become ... sons of God.

The old saint died in his beloved Ireland on March 17th, 460 A.D. The land that once enslaved him, had now been set free.

Note: One of the most popular legends attributed to Patrick is that he used the shamrock as a visual aid to teach the principle of the Trinity. This story cannot be verified. However, from his writings it is evident the doctrine of the Trinity was central in his teaching.

Now go forth and be merry--wearing green and drinking all the green beer you can!

Just want to add....I've got a friend, Scarry Mommy, who has lost all of her subscribers when she moved her blog...Let's help her out! Go check out her blog and enter her giveaway for a pair of DIAMOND EARRINGS!!! No, that's no typo, DIAMOND EARRINGS!!! Tell her Christyzee sent ya!

Until next time...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Favorites..

Now this is a tough one...Friday favorites, time at the end of the week to reflect what your high points were for the week. I don't have any cute banners or buttons, this is my first "official" try at this, so let's have a go at it shall we?

#1. Cough medicine! Not just any cough and cold medicine, but the GOOD stuff my Dr. prescribed that really help mommy go to sleep! This week our family was slapped by some upper respiratory nuisance that just won't go away. We all are hacking and barking, so thank goodness I got the good stuff out so at least I got some good rest!

#2. Y.M.C.A. (shameless plug, he he) These guys are my heroes! I really needed a good kick in the butt this week, and boy did they deliver! I had a really good workout week by going to a few group exercise classes at my YMCA. Their instructors ROCK! Thank you for showing no mercy!

#3. The Sun. OK, OK, little cheesy but I'll explain. Cabin fever has been setting in, but this week we had a preview of spring. Although we got a bit too much rain, the sun did pop out and warm things up nicely. It really felt like spring this week!

#4. My Taylor. Last week we went into remission on our potty training (I think one day alone we had 4 accidents within a couple of hours). This week though, baby girl did a 180* and had very, very minimal accidents. Great Job Tator-bug!

#5. Last but not least.... My new blogger friends! Everyone out there that has spent time visiting or those who are follow me...Thank You!!! You are all so special to me, you keep me on my toes! I will try not to let you down!

Enough blabbing, Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is this cool or what!

I am a very unlucky person. Not just that I have no luck, but really if something could go wrong it probably will. But for once, there is a ray of sunshine and a bright spot in my week.

I love to "blog-hop" and visit various blogs from all over and see what every one's corner of the world looks like. Someone told me about this awesome blog called Tranquility... and Turmoil and I was an instant fan.

The other day I noticed her blog update was about a giveaway. Curious, I popped in to see what it was all about. She was giving away two super items; a punch kit with all types of designs, and a 2-CD learn to speak French set. I was ecstatic! I used to take French lessons in High School and even was made to memorize the whole French National Anthem (Boy that was a long time ago)! You know, once you learn something like this, a little bit is always with you. I have recently been wanting to pick it back up again, and have even thought about borrowing programs from our local library. Now I don't have to, I will have my own because.....I WON!

Check out her post HERE!

I just simply cannot believe I WON! Me? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! To top all of this off, she was also promoting a wonderful group of ladies that have a super blog/comment recognition circle that was kicking off their Spring Fling Giveaways!

Now, not only have I won a great prize, but I found a super group of ladies! I couldn't help it, I really wanted to join their group, and it was so easy!

Check out their website to get involved or for more information HERE!

The whole "blog" experience has now been turned up a notch! I am so excited beyond words!

OK...now I can stop ranting!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lighthouses and fish...what a day!

Looking through some more photos I came across one lone little lighthouse, The old Port Clinton Lighthouse in Port Clinton Ohio. We often refer to this city as the "gateway to the islands". From Port Clinton/ Catawba you can catch the two main ferry services over to the Lake Erie Islands and Put-in-bay.

The Jet Express and The Miller Ferry, the easiest way to the islands!

Today's trip we didn't venture over to the islands, we just stayed on the mainland. Today we were searching for the Old Port Clinton Light. Many guides I had referred to placed this light somewhere on the Portage River in a private marina. If anyone has ever visited Port Clinton, you know there are literally dozens upon dozens of private marinas along the Portage River and lakefront. Our first stop was the Yacht club. I must say, even though the light was not hiding here, they were very helpful in pointing us in the right direction. They were so welcoming, we didn't feel the least bit out of place!

With better directions, we weren't too far from the light, or remnants of it. This light long ago was much taller and located on the breakwall at the mouth of the river. Story goes it was moved in the 60's to its present home in Brands marina after years of bickering over the light.

The Old Port Clinton Lighthouse @ Brands Marina on the Portage River.

We captured a couple of photos of our "little" light then voted on where we would go for lunch. There was no argument, Jolly Rogers Seafood Restaurant is the hands down local favorite for fish. A bit pricey, but very good. We usually make a couple of trips for lent (to start the season off right), and another trip during the summer (though the wait is sometimes unbearable).

photo uploading shortly
Jolly Rogers Seafood Restaurant in Port Clinton Ohio.

The end of a great day; another lighthouse visit and full bellies, what else could you ask for! I'll keep looking through my photos, I'm sure there are plenty more to come!

Until next time...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Thought of the Day.

I came across this story in Chicken Soup for the Soul and wanted to share it with you all. A very good message, one that always bears repeating.

(Based on the original, by Loren Eiseley)

A friend of ours was walking down a deserted Mexican beach at sunset. As he walked along, he began to see another man in the distance. As he grew closer, he noticed that the local native kept leaning down, picking something up, and throwing it out into the water. Time and again he kept hurling things out into the ocean. As our friend approached even closer, he noticed that the man was picking up starfish that had been washed up on the beach and, one at a time, he was throwing them back into the water. Our friend was puzzled. He approached the man and said "Good evening, Friend. I was wondering what you are doing."

"I'm throwing these starfish back into the ocean. You see, it's low tide right now and all of these starfish have been washed up onto the shore. If I don't throw them back into the sea, they'll die up here from lack of oxygen."

"I understand," our friend replied, "but there must be thousands of starfish on this beach. You can't possibly get to all of them. There are simply too many. And don't you realize it is probably happening on hundreds of other beaches all up and down the coast. Can't you see that you can't possibly make a difference?"

The local native smiled, bent down, and picked up yet another starfish, and as he threw it back into the sea, he replied,
"Made a difference to that one!"

Even the smallest gesture is rewarding to someone. Have a blessed weekend!

Until next time...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Toledo Ohio, The Glass City.

Yesterday I came across a couple of photos of another one of my favorite lighthouses, The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse. I have not visited this light up close yet, but I have visited it from shore many times. Depending on the haze, you can view this light from many points at Maumee Bay State Park. To see the ammenities this park has to offer, please click HERE!

Many deer wander around @ Maumee Bay State Park.

Maumee Bay State Park is my favorite "quick getaway" that has something for every mood. For a day trip, you can come to enjoy a nature walk on either of the 2 or 3 mile boardwalks through meadows, marshlands, and forest.

The boardwalk trails @ Maumee Bay State Park.

We love to go in the late afternoon and see how many deer we can spot on our hike. Other options are the pools, the beach, or the resort itself. The dining room has one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and basil that we have ever had. Taylor has become quite attached to the playground as well. She knows exactly where it is and which way to go when we arrive.

Taylor not wasting any time getting to the playground @ Maumee Bay State Park.

The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse's Fresnel Lens was moved to Maumee Bay State Park Lodge May 13, 2008 and is located in the main lobby. I found out on the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society website that Jim Woodward moved the lens from the lighthouse in 1995 and moved it again from COSI in 2008. COSI is a hands-on science center that used to be in Toledo, but is still operating in Columbus Ohio. The Fresnel lens was enclosed in glass as required by the Coast Guard July 2, 2008. I was there a week before it was moved there, then again a month or so as well. Unfortunately, I didn't walk inside the lobby until after the glass was placed around it.

Photo uploading soon
The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Fresnel Lens @ Maumee Bay State Park.

The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse from Maumee Bay State Park.

We have visited this park during the hottest days of summer, and yes, even the frigid winds of winter. My sister, when visiting from Arizona, puts this park on the top of her "must see" places. I honestly cannot say when I preferr to visit, I love to visit here any time of year.

The frozen waters @ Maumee Bay State Park.

I have yet to see the Toledo Harbor light up close yet, but by summer's end I will. They have the Toledo Lighthouse Festival the 11th and 12th of July this year, and have all types of activities planned, including boat rides out to the light. I hope to see Turtle Island Lighthouse (ruins) up close as well. We were even at the festival last year but never knew about the boat rides! We actually went to see the summer fireworks and listen to the music.To see a copy of the event flier, check it out HERE!

Until next time,

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ooooh....get to the point!

So what can I say? After I sat down and looked through some of my photos I realized I had a few left over. To be truthful, unless I look at the date stamp on the photo, I really cannot think where these fit in to the rest of the lighthouse adventures. So...here they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast!

If anyone is ever in the Sandusky Ohio area, this is a MUST SEE! Definitely one of the best amusement parks around, Cedar Point has been satisfying thrill seekers for decades! Please check out their website HERE for more information!

Our family decided before our trip to CP we would stop in Huron Ohio and check out the light while we were so close. Huron is literally a hop, skip and jump away from CP, so who could resist a distant shot.

Cedar Point, distant view from Huron Ohio.

The walk out to the Huron Lighthouse wasn't too bad, but I had to go alone. Matt, my husband, couldn't walk due to a foot problem he developed on our trip up to the U.P a week ago (he'd kill me if he knew I was talking about his blisters, lol) It was a very well maintained dock/breakwall that took me out to the light. I could have gone further out by following the trail of people, but with Matt waiting on me, and a 2 year old wanting to get to the park, I had to keep moving.

Huron Lighthouse, Huron Ohio, a bit Art Decco.

While sitting on the wall snapping a couple of shots, the Goodyear Blimp decided it wanted to be included too! I finished up and headed back to the wounded and impatient. Off to Cedar Point!

We had won these tickets to CP from our donation to the United Way. Matt's factory (and my old job too) is a Pacesetter for our community and has promotional give-aways for their employees who payroll deduct to the United Way, it's the least we can do to help out. Anyhow, this was our second trip to CP this summer, so today was for Taylor. Matt and I already got to ride all of the coasters we wanted the first trip.

Taylor enjoying the rides...over and over! *notice what color she always picks!*

Another photo of Taylor on the rides.

Taking a break from the excitement, we went on a relaxing train ride and paddle boat ride. To our surprise, we found a *ahem* lighthouse on the river boat excursion. Who knew?

The lighthouse on the Riverboat Excursion.

Who could resist a water ride on a hot summer day! Obviously our family can't! Taylor and I had stood close to the Snake River Falls bridge to get a little splash to cool off. To give you a bit of insight, there are a couple of places near the bridge to stand and just get a little splash. For the ride goers themselves, after they exit the ride, they cross over the bridge. Timing is just right that as they are crossing the bridge, the next "car" is coming down the falls and creates a huge wall of water. No one stays dry on this ride. So when daddy said he wanted a turn to hold Taylor by the bridge, I didn't think much of it. Well, Matt decided that just getting close to the bridge wasn't good enough, he got ON the bridge. Yup, they are soaked!

Daddy and Taylor standing on Snake River Falls Bridge...SOAKED!

Now mashing our two trips together...

Our first trip this year to Cedar Point was for our Company picnic. They reserve one of the wonderful picnic areas and provide discounted admission tickets as well as a full catered lunch. It's always a hit! This year, we decided to go for a walk after lunch to settle our bellies instead of jumping on the first roller coaster. So our family walked along the Lake Erie coast to see what was on the other side of the peninsula/island. Matt and I already knew the Sandusky Bay Lighthouse at Cedar Point was out this way, so that is where we were headed.

Sandusky Bay Light, replaced with a cylinder style light, marks the entrance to the Sandusky Bay.

Not much to see, so we continued on around the bend...then bam! We found the not-so-know Cedar Point Lighthouse. This is more like it! Tucked away in "Camper World" on the back side of CP is this beauty. Can you imagine, this area used to be the ferry entrance for decades when the ferry shuttles used to run from Cleveland to the park. I could almost feel what the excitement was like to arrive for the first time to the park by boat 100 years ago.

Cedar Point Lighthouse.

But this find wasn't all....imagine my surprise when I gazed across the bay. In the distance was the Marblehead Lighthouse! This is by far my favorite lighthouse. This is the same lighthouse my family has been visiting for years while I was growing up. Now I can add this view to my album of photos.

Marblehead Lighthouse across Sandusky Bay from Cedar Point Amusement Park.

I'll keep looking through my photos, I'm sure I've got more to post!

Until next time!