Friday, September 25, 2009

Say What?!?

I can hardly sustain my I am the featured blog at SITS! Welcome Sitstas and Friends! If you haven't heard of SITS before, or would like more information, definitely check it out here!!

SITS is a group of women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments. Whether you are new to blogging and looking for blogs to read, or a veteran looking to expand your readership, a mommy blogger or a single gal, SITS is for you!

I am so honored to have everyone stop by, it really means so much to me! I couldn't believe it when I got the e-mail,

...I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy....

There are so many awesome moms and ubber cool blogs out there, I absolutely LOVE getting to meet so many great people!

ok, ok, before I chase everyone off-- I'd like to let you know a bit about me and my family before you hop-scotch around our blog. Ok, there I am, the one in the left corner. I know, not a great shot, but I just don't do pictures.

Meet my family. That's my husband (the one holding our daughter) and my parents on a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last summer. My parents are a very important part of our family. On a few of our return trips to Matt and my favorite locations, we've asked my parents to "tag-a-long". What good is it to see a beautiful place if you can't share it? And these are great memories for my daughter.

I'm a super uncoordinated, always procrastinating wife to Matt and mother to my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter Taylor. We love to travel, eh well, I love to travel! More specific, I love to visit Lighthouses! I've always wanted to write a book about our lighthouse adventures, so it seemed idealistic to start in a blog...from there this is what transpired. We're not the Swiss Family Robinson, more like the Bundy's or Griswold's, but I'll let you decide on your own!

Matt and I have been traveling for many years together. Since we can't just leave our daughter at home, we wanted take her on our adventures too. Now that she's getting older, we can see Taylor love to travels too. I really think she enjoys getting tugged along, besides we do try to do things she can be interested in too. We've started packing more picnic lunches and visiting state parks and playgrounds along the way. The things you see and learn--simply amazing!

Taylor, my little miracle!

I've got a couple posts that I think you all may enjoy, but this was hard to do! I'm not very good at making decisions or trying to decide what everyone may want to see (it's the people pleaser part of me) I don't want to disappoint anyone! So, to get out of this awkward spot I'm going to point you in a direction and let you go!

You can check out any of these to get you started:
Mackinac Island
Sandy Hook--yes it is!

So sit back, have an umbrella drink and kick off your shoes...put those tootsies in the sand! If nothing else you can do what I do--Just look at the pictures!

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yum, yum, yum!

So, has the suspense been killing you? Hope not, I would really hate to think I had that much hold on my readers ;o)

When we last met, I was going on and on about our first night in Atlantic City. After we checked in and before we went swimming, we checked out the BEST restaurant around for a quick hamburger and fries. I must say it again, THE BEST!!

Warning....viewing the next few photos may cause your arteries clog and mysterious weight to attach to your behind!

If you haven't cheated and looked at the photos yet, I'm talking about 5 Guys.

We are the type that always like to try new things when we are on vacation. You can find the golden arches or little red-headed girl everywhere, but sometimes you are in the mood to try the local cuisine. We actually stumbled on this place while trying to turn around and get over to a gas station. At this time of night we were just hungry and were not in the mood to get all fancied up for a sit-down.

Inside the 5 Guys restaurant of Atlantic City.

Walking in, the place was very clean and organized. The menu board was simple, but not the decision. There were a lot of combinations and choices, but we just couldn't decide. We had to ask for recommendations. The guys (and gal) behind the counter really gave some super suggestions. Now for the wait.

Here's the crew...these guys ROCKED!

While you wait, there are boxes of shelled peanuts for the customers to snack on to get things started off right. We really only had to wait about 5 minutes or so while our order was made. Brown-bagged and ready to go, our order was up! Imagine our delight when we opened up our foil-wrapped sandwiches...

Please, don't drool on your keyboard!
Here's the burger Matt had--what a monster!

And the fresh-cut fries! She literally gave us a grocery sack full of them!

The! These were just like the heart-attack fries you get at the fairs and carnivals. I don't know if she made too many or if she thought we needed them but I noticed the woman working just scooping the fries into a brown sack. It seems when she finished filling the cups that she didn't need the rest she dropped, so just our luck :o)

Taylor was a happy camper!

Two thumbs up! We even chatted up with the crew a bit before we headed back to our rooms. 5 Guys...we will be back!!

If you'd like more information about this and other 5 Guys restaurants, please CLICK HERE.

Have a favorite local restaurant? I'd love to hear from ya! Who knows, we may stop by sometime!

Until next time...