Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coming Home.

Continuing on from our last post, we were finishing up the "thumb" of Michigan. After we left the Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse, we continued to travel south on Lakeshore Drive (or route 25) to the town of Harbor Beach. From their very unique (and well built) pier, we viewed the Harbor Beach Lighthouse. As I was walking up to the long pier, I couldn't help but get a picture. It really was a striking view how everything seemed to line up.

The pier @ Harbor Beach.

At the end of the pier, a distant view of the lighthouse could be seen across the harbor. I went alone to the end of the pier, Matt and Taylor were not up to the walk, so they stayed in the car for this one. At the end I met three fishermen trying to nab the catch of the day. They said," the summer time the beach is packed with people lookin' at that thing." I didn't stay long since I was alone, it really isn't much fun looking at a lighthouse without sharing it with someone. The brisk walk back helped my body loosen up again from the days long car ride.

The Harbor Beach Lighthouse from the end of the pier.

When I got back to the car, Taylor was having a normal tantrum. She had enough of the long car ride and wanted to get out and stretch her legs too. We convinced her to wait a few more miles until we got to the Port Sanilac Lighthouse. Maybe there they would have a playground she could jump around on. Playgrounds or ice cream usually helps, either one and she is content for a while longer.

Port Sanilac Lighthouse was hidden at the end of a residential area, and we almost missed it! When we arrived at the light, Matt and Taylor stayed in the parking lot and walked around looking at the trees and leaves (a new hobby she was starting--collecting leaves). I started the walk out onto a heavily overgrown breakwall/trail. It was pretty thick, but not nearly as bad as Ashtabula was (see Road Trip Part Deux! post). I couldn't see exactly where the lighthouse was, so I thought the further I walked out, the easier I would see it along the coast. So when I got out aways I just happened to turn around--voila!--there it was right behind me! Oh, but that's not the best part!

Port Sanilac Lighthouse from the breakwall.

Apparently, we parked right next to the lighthouse and no one noticed! When I returned to the Jeep, Matt asked me if I got any good photos of it and how far down the coast it was. I could hardly contain my laughter while I pointed over to an ivy covered brick building next to the parking lot! At least we both got a good laugh. Here I am thrashing through the jungle when all I had to do was turn and look next to us!

Port Sanilac Lighthouse from!

Taylor got her much needed stretch, and mom and dad had a good laugh. We were now refreshed and ready to go...last stop for the day, Port Huron Michigan.

When we arrived in Port Huron there was limiting sunlight. I hurried quickly through the park and over the sand dunes to get a couple photos of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse as well as the Huron Lightship. My body really got a workout trying to hustle through the soft sand, it was a race against the nature. My legs felt like two ton bricks when I finally made it back to flat land.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse @ dusk.

Huron Lightship permanently docked in Port Huron @ dusk.

The water, what we could see of it, was very clear, very blue, and very turbulent! Port Huron is the southern most point of Lake Huron, the point where Lake Huron flows into the narrow St. Clair River. The water really gets pushed through this area and its amazing how fast it moves! Because it was now dark, we decided to put this on our list of places to return as well. We talked it over, when we finish the lights of Southeast Michigan, we will start from Port Huron and work our way down the St. Clair River to Lake St. Clair. We really wanted to see Port Huron during the day, guess we'll have to wait now.

Til next time...


Barbara said...

What an amazing trip this must have been. Love all the lighthouse shots. Have a great weekend
Smiles B

Barb said...

These are terrific pictures and I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. I don't know what it is about lighthouses, but I just can't resist them! I recently posted a few pics of the Cape Henry, VA lighthouses. you can see them here. Next week I will be in Norfolk VA with a side trip to Cape Hatteras NC! I can't wait!

christyzee said...

thank you barb and barbara! I am so happy you enjoy my blog! *Remember to click to follow me to get all of our updates!*

highlandwriter said...

great lighthouse pics :-) and i love the version of somewhere of the rainbow/medley on your page