Friday, February 20, 2009

Here we go again!

With our last visit to Port Huron, we arrived right at dusk, so this time we wanted to come back during the daylight. It was even more beautiful during the day than at night, definitely a good call on our part. Today we were driving up to Port Huron and migrating south along the St. Clair River to Lake St. Clair, ending in Detroit.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse...during the day.

We loved walking along this beach, there is so many interesting things to look at. The water, it is simply breath-taking! The water is very clear and blue, you are mesmerized by its motion through the rapid current. The beach is not only made of "clean" sand, but pebbles and river rock are washed up as well. We carried home two bags full of interesting rocks and fossils. Taylor wanted to take home every rock she found, another new hobby I guess.

Taylor picking up rocks on the beach at the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.

While leaving the park I noticed the lighthouse was open for visitors today, but we were trying get Taylor away from the beach and rocks (we literally had to pull her away or she would never leave). Matt and I thought it was best to skip the tour this time and make it less stressful for us.

Taylor taking a moment to pose with the flowers.

Our second stop was the Huron Lightship. They too were open for tours, but the price was a bit steep for the three of us. Usually children under a certain age are free, according to the signage out front this was not the case. The sign stated our 3 year old was $5.00 and adults were $6.00! Instead we opted for some shots of the boat from the outside. None the less, it was an interesting ship with lots of history.

The Huron Lightship permanently docked on the shores of the St. Clair River.

For more information about the Museums of Port Huron, please check out their website HERE!

It was such a beautiful day. We happened to stumble onto an event taking place, the Port Huron Museum's Cemetery Walk at Lakeside Cemetery. It was such a nice day, and the locals were very courteous-- we felt very welcome.

While strolling along the riverfront and in the park, we viewed boats of all sizes cruising up the St. Clair River. None though could compare to this, a large ship heading right for us! We stood and watched as it cleverly maneuvered its way into the river. You could tell they've done this a time or two. I really wish I had purchased the book Know your ships; Guide to boats & boat watching--Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway. Maybe now I'll wait til April when the new 50Th Anniversary Collector's Edition becomes available.

Ship coming into the St. Clair River under the Blue Water Bridge.

Leaving Port Huron, we drove southward following the St. Clair River to the small village of Marine City. I have to admit, I was talking on the phone as we were going through and almost missed this lighthouse completely! As the story goes, I had handwritten the directions in -ahem- order before we left home. I had placed this light at it's original location on Peche Island.

The Peche Island Lighthouse located in Marine City Michigan.

The Peche Island Lighthouse was relocated in 1983 here in Marine City. I had this information before we left, but misplaced it sometime on our trip. Luckily for me, I happened to look over as we were passing the downtown park area. I saw a quick glimpse of the light as we were passing a side street. Matt turned around for me, and while still chatting on the phone I stood in the middle of the road and snapped. If anyone had seen me I must have really looked like a tourist. It wasn't til about an hour later when I found my directions again that I realized this WAS a light on my list. I apologize for not taking this light more serious at that time, and I vow never to let it happen again--lol!

Now were off to Harsens Island!

Stay tuned, there's more to Come...


Nico said...

Hello Christy, thank you for your response on my blog (have you seen my two lighthouse pictures?) I have made a nice photo of the Dyrholey lh in Iceland, that I will post later this year. There is a lot to see and read on your wonderful blog. Nice to see the Mackinac post eg. I have been there 18 years ago with nephew and niece from Detroit and it looks like nothing has changed. I have to get back to your site more than once I think.

MikeH said...

Christy, Thanks for visiting my site, I guess I popped up from a lighthouse search. I don't have your passion for lighthouses even though I'm a sailor and have relied on them my times. Your site is lovely and with great content. Next cold winter come on down to south Florida we have our share of Lighthouses especially in the Keys. Good hunting, MikeH