Monday, June 29, 2009

We're going on a road trip....

Yeah, I've been away for a while, summer is really flying by! From work, home, swim lessons it's just been crazy around here!

Good news though, we are about to have a new addition to the family!!

Well before you guys all have a panic attack, we're expecting a pug! Matt's cousin is giving us her two year old pug "Oliver". The only requirement is we drive 10 hours to New Jersey. Not too bad of a trade off if you ask you mean I have to go on an extended weekend vacation to the Jersey coast (where I've never been) and look at lighthouses?? When do we leave??

Actually, that's a good question. Matt and I've been talking about leaving the week of the 13th. Any advice from my fellow bloggers would be greatly appreciated! I definitely will have pics and stories to post when we get back. Our goal is to see as many lights as possible while we are there. I wish I can find a way to use my navigation a better and put these lights in so we could save on my research.

Thanks guys in advance, and look for our "new" family photo soon!

Until next time...

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James said...

Not sure what part of NJ you are headed to but Cape May is a really nice lighthouse and a quaint little town. Also not sure what route you are taking. That might influence which lighthouses to recommend. Possible you could see some in PA, NY and Delaware depending on your route.