Friday, July 24, 2009

Jersey, am I seeing double?

Hi guys! Long time, no see! How's life been treating you? I told you about an upcoming trip a few weeks ago, and now I'm here with some cool photos of our first ever trip to the Jersey shore!

So without further ado...

Our first stop after a LONG 11 hour drive was the Navesink Lighthouse or Twin Lights as it is more commonly known.

Taylor did very well with the long trip.

These lights are definitely on our list of favorite lighthouses that we have visited. The area itself was very breath-taking, and I really wish we would've arrived earlier in the day to be able to properly tour them. I found a really good website with more information, if you'd like to check out the Twin Lights, please click HERE.

The first sight up the VERY steep hill was the north tower. The massive lights look very fortress and somewhat intimidating. Matt said by far these are his favorite. To me they look more for protecting and defense other than guiding, but what do I know? Whatever your feelings, wait til you turn around. Across the harbor from the lights is New York City! NYC is very visible, and depending on the day (it was a bit hazy when we were there) you can see all the way up the Long Island coast!

A look at NYC from the Twin Lights, yup, that's the Empire State Building! You could almost touch it!

We walked around, seen two baby fawns, and helped a family get a group picture of themselves in front of the NYC skyline. I look back now and wish I would've gotten a few more shots. I really think I was too excited to finally be in Jersey that I was rushing myself.

Matt and Taylor standing in front of the Navesink "Twin Lights" Lighthouse.

We also played around a bit, this was the first "extended" time out of the Jeep the whole trip, so we all wanted to stretch our legs.

Taylor sitting on the "Mystery Canon".

The lights were so massive, I could hardly get both towers in one shot! They really do look neat on their own though.

My artsy B & W shot of the South Tower (it's a new feature I found on my camera, lol).

I really loved this lighthouse; the view, the history (what we learned on our own), the lights themselves, I was impressed. If it wasn't so late, we would've stayed longer. Unfortunately though, it was a long travel day and we hadn't yet found a motel to stay for the night. We definitely will stop again, maybe if we ever plan that trip to NYC? Moving on, our next stop was Sandy Hook Lighthouse....but that will have to wait!

Until next time...


highlandwriter said...

Welcome back to blogland!


christyzee said...

LOL...thanks! I'm back to stay, I think ;o)

Jennifer said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Your vacation looks as though it was a lot of fun! Great photos!

Liszha said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my website. I love your photos. Will have a closer look next time, gonna hit the sack now.

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Oh I love this one. It's so much like a castle- yet it's a light house! Too cool. Thanks for sharing all these fun trips you guys are taking. Oh, and btw, since you have a little girl, you might be interested in my blog & the fun giveaway I've got going on right now! If you have a minute feel free to hop on over!