Friday, January 30, 2009

Now we're hooked!

Now that we are home from our vacation, we find ourselves planning our next "road trip". As it turns out, labor day was perfect. We didn't have much to do with family or friends, so we decided to do something the three of us would enjoy together.
Armed with a small cooler, our guide book, and a camera we headed to the lakefront. We drove toward small town of Vermillion, Ohio. This light was a bit difficult at first to find (actually, instead of stopping and asking where the park was located we drove around aimlessly). After circling up and down US Highway 6 a couple of times we agreed to just pull into the downtown area. Sure enough, at the bottom of a small hill at the end of Main Street was The Inland Seas Maritime Museum. Of course, the museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm, so when we stroll in at 5:15 they are already closed! Well, looks like we'll have to make another trip.
We still made the most of our visit and walked around the grounds.

Vermillion Lighthouse

Taylor really enjoyed getting her feet wet on the beach. We strolled along a while, collecting shells and rocks and even found a playground nearby. Matt and I watched her climb on the jungle gym while we took in the late summer breeze off the lake. We could hardly pull her away, but we had more to see.

Taylor on the beach

With sunset approaching, we made it back to our Jeep, and headed east to Lorain.

More to come...


velvet brick said...

Sweet pictures...I love the one of her below with her leg up in the air!! Just so cute and sweet! Looks like a wonderful time with some very cute memories made! : )

christyzee said...

Oh thank you, she said it was her ballerina pose! I did get one "serious" pose, but by far this one was my fave of her!

NicoleB said...

That looks like a lovely day.
Daytrips are great :D
As soon as the weather will be better we will do them again as well ;)

highlandwriter said...

A great lighthouse pic.
You daughter is a cutie!

And, I've finally managed to post a comment. Hooray for that. Lol.

James said...

Wondering aimlessly to find a lighthouse is one of the best things to do on a beautiful day.

Did you read the story about the Vermillion Lighthouse being shipped to New York without the town's residents' knowledge? Interesting.

christyzee said...

Funny thing...I think it was after we visited that I heard parts of the story. I seen in a guide I was leafing through that it is upstate NY? That is interesting.