Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some Ideas

So I was showing my husband what I've been up to lately with the blog when he asked "So why don't you have any pictures up like him?"
Him being James, our first follower, whos own blog has inspired me to start a blog of our own capturing our adventures. (Thanks james by the way--yay!)
We don't have many shots, and looking back I really don't think my pictures are anything sepectacular. So I sit here and sigh. Some day I do really hope to gather our experiences into a journal or guide.
Then our daughter climbs up next to me and we start reflecting together. "Mommy I remember that lighthouse." or "Mommy remember that one lighthouse by the tall grass?" Then it hit me. I may not have top-of-the-line equipment or gallery quality shots, but the shots I've got we've gotten together. We have the whole day trip together; the walks, the food and even the playgrounds we've visited. Memories my daughter will carry with her forever.
So, not as depressed as before, I am starting some of our photos off with a picture of our daughter taylor strolling along a beach looking for a lighthouse this summer.
Never let down your dreams!

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