Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's this???

Well, the best description I can give you....A NEW TOY!! Matt and I have gotten ourselves a Garmin NUMI GPS unit for christmas to "help" our travels this year. Eh, we'll see. I hope once I figure out the tricks it will save me hours of prep and mapping time. I've found a couple of websites that has POI's set up already for light buffs but I haven't taken the time to sit and figure out how to make them work for me yet.
I'm pretty excited though, it can help with other places to see and things to do when we are away from home.
So that was a couple of tasks I had for myself to get done today; unlock maps and charge the GPS as well as get ahold of tech support to find out how these files and such need to be set up.
Just briefly, countdown 6 days til the close of the 2008 shipping season. Soo Locks are icing over more and more each day as traffic there has slowed to a crawl. I've added the camera link of the locks to my blog as well.

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James said...

Beware of the lighthouse POI files. The are not very accurate. See my post -

I am working on creating my own POI lighthouse file using coordinates provided by the Lighthouse Friends website. I hope to have it complete by March. I will let you know when it is done and where you can download it. In the meantime, happy hunting.