Thursday, March 26, 2009

Helllloooo out there!

You may be wondering (or you may not!) where I've been the past few word, WORK! Lately we've been really cut back on hours, but not this week! When no one else seems to want to show up for work, they call me in. I've worked 3 different departments this week! I'm actually on my way in right now, but as you can see, a shower can wait, but my blog must live on!!

...Working nine to five...

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather (mostly everyone, right?) and hope in your neck of the woods spring is right around the corner.

I'll be back shortly with new photos, and stories gallore!

Until next time...


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Doesn't it kill you they cut me back to 32 from 45 hours, oh boy talk about a hit on the paycheck. Well I'm glad the loser are calling in sick so you can get some more hours and money!

christyzee said...

agree! The only problem...the ones that call in or don't answer their phone to come in, are the same ones that complain they don't get hours and question why I'M always coming in! Gheesh..I can't win!
LOL, Sorry for dumpin' on ya, thank for stopping by!

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Hope this brightens your day!