Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life is like a.....

...roll of NECCO wafers!

LOL..gotcha didn't I?
While going through my cupboard the other day (cleaning out all of the old junk) I found a bag of NECCO wafers stuffed in the back. These things are like tootsie rolls; no matter how old they are, they never seem to go bad!

Taylor was very curious.

Tay: "Mommy, what are those?"
Me: "Their NECCO wafers.
Tay: "can I have one?"
Me: "you won't like them, they taste like medicine."
Tay: "yes I will, I like medicine"
Me: "trust me, they're really bad"
Tay: "then why do you like them mommy?"

Humm....ya know what, she got me. Why do I like them, eh, did I like them? I mean look at them, they're hard, pasty, chalky, medicine flavored flat disks? I dunno, maybe the nostalgic in me bought them? I my grandmother had a large roll in her purse, and my sister and I would pick out the good ones when we visited.

What are the original eight flavors in a Necco Wafer Roll? According to their website (Which you can visit HERE!) the original eight flavors: orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice and wintergreen. If you ask me, the flavors are; orange-yup orange, yellow-i guess lemon, green-lime, light purple-yeah that's clove, brown-powdered tootsie roll, pink-pepto bismol, purple-black licorice or a bad rum ball @ Christmas, green-winter mint, white-cinnamon hearts. Whatever you think it tastes like, its always undermined by the 1/4" dusting of chalk all over it. Whatever you do--DO NOT BITE THEM-- biting them not only could chip a tooth, but it makes that powdery disk a gritty mess in your mouth. Almost like you're chomping on a handful of pebbles in your mouth, yuck!

Ha ha ha...yup, Taylor and I opened them up and had a taste-test before I tossed the whole bag in the trash. Maybe it'll wait another 20 years til I buy them again, who knows?

Yup, threw the whole bag out!

So here's the million-dollar question....Is there something from your childhood that you use to love but now find repulsive or is there something you long for but cannot find anymore?

What do you remember as a child?

Leave me a comment, who knows, maybe I'll give a treat for the best answer?

Until next time....


The Rambler said...

mmmmmmmm....actually. I was extremely picky when younger and find myself more 'adventurous' now.

But I'll tell you I HATE beets. I know, not candy but still....:)

Thank you for visiting me on my SITS day! :)

xoxo~Rambler @ My Rambling Thoughts

blackbelt said...

I used to scour the candy section for chocolate NECCOs. I'd buy it and eat the whole roll if I found one today.

Rocksee said...

I LOVE NECCO's.. I can't eat them anymore cause of my diabeties.. but man I miss them!

Lora said...

lol! I think those waxy soda candies. I thought they were sooo cool. They're sooo gross!

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Kelly Deneen said...

LOL. Now that is funny! I remember those things!

I used to eat candy cigarettes when I was a kid. What was I thinking?? lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Nerds candy. I loved them as a kid and now I can't eat them. Bleh.

When I was a kid they had two kinds of gummi bears - gummi bears and jelly bears. The gummi bears we have now are actually jelly bears. I miss the old gummies. They had a firmer texture and were a bit smaller.

Mamarazzi said...

ya know...i forgot about necco wafers, i don't think i have had one since i was a kid.

i am just following up with you about the contest you won on my blog a month ago. did you ever get the bracelet?

Satchmo the french bulldog said...

I was having a hard time getting it down to one, so here are my two.
1. Peeps! EW... I was making Easter cupcakes with Peeps as the decor and I tasted one that was left over. I actually had to spit it out it was gross!
2. Those little candy dots that are on the paper. You actually eat more paper than the little dots!

Amy and her little family said...

Hey Christy I noticed that followed my blog: http://amyshouldwin.blogspot.com/ and I just wanted to let you know that my blog has changed... it's now: http://swagstudio.blogspot.com/


highlandwriter said...

christyz!! where are ya, blog friend??? i hope you are happy & well.

peace & blessings --

have a safe and happy memorial day weekend!


highlandwriter said...

p.s. -- you have the most wonderful music on your blog!

love it!!!

Lightkeeper said...

I always liked those little wax bottles of sweet drinks and those straws that had the sour candy in them. I have a letter from my great uncle (the one you find on my blog) and he talked about getting Necco's during WWI.

Sara's Whimsy said...

As a kid I LOVED the clove Necco's. Can't imagine I'd like them now.

I was a sucker for the dots on paper too. I can't believe they still sell that stuff! Oh and I can't remember the name, but it was two sugar sticks that you licked and dipped into flavored sugar packets. UGH! I've since tried it as an adult, oh my the horror!