Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ooooh....get to the point!

So what can I say? After I sat down and looked through some of my photos I realized I had a few left over. To be truthful, unless I look at the date stamp on the photo, I really cannot think where these fit in to the rest of the lighthouse adventures. they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast!

If anyone is ever in the Sandusky Ohio area, this is a MUST SEE! Definitely one of the best amusement parks around, Cedar Point has been satisfying thrill seekers for decades! Please check out their website HERE for more information!

Our family decided before our trip to CP we would stop in Huron Ohio and check out the light while we were so close. Huron is literally a hop, skip and jump away from CP, so who could resist a distant shot.

Cedar Point, distant view from Huron Ohio.

The walk out to the Huron Lighthouse wasn't too bad, but I had to go alone. Matt, my husband, couldn't walk due to a foot problem he developed on our trip up to the U.P a week ago (he'd kill me if he knew I was talking about his blisters, lol) It was a very well maintained dock/breakwall that took me out to the light. I could have gone further out by following the trail of people, but with Matt waiting on me, and a 2 year old wanting to get to the park, I had to keep moving.

Huron Lighthouse, Huron Ohio, a bit Art Decco.

While sitting on the wall snapping a couple of shots, the Goodyear Blimp decided it wanted to be included too! I finished up and headed back to the wounded and impatient. Off to Cedar Point!

We had won these tickets to CP from our donation to the United Way. Matt's factory (and my old job too) is a Pacesetter for our community and has promotional give-aways for their employees who payroll deduct to the United Way, it's the least we can do to help out. Anyhow, this was our second trip to CP this summer, so today was for Taylor. Matt and I already got to ride all of the coasters we wanted the first trip.

Taylor enjoying the rides...over and over! *notice what color she always picks!*

Another photo of Taylor on the rides.

Taking a break from the excitement, we went on a relaxing train ride and paddle boat ride. To our surprise, we found a *ahem* lighthouse on the river boat excursion. Who knew?

The lighthouse on the Riverboat Excursion.

Who could resist a water ride on a hot summer day! Obviously our family can't! Taylor and I had stood close to the Snake River Falls bridge to get a little splash to cool off. To give you a bit of insight, there are a couple of places near the bridge to stand and just get a little splash. For the ride goers themselves, after they exit the ride, they cross over the bridge. Timing is just right that as they are crossing the bridge, the next "car" is coming down the falls and creates a huge wall of water. No one stays dry on this ride. So when daddy said he wanted a turn to hold Taylor by the bridge, I didn't think much of it. Well, Matt decided that just getting close to the bridge wasn't good enough, he got ON the bridge. Yup, they are soaked!

Daddy and Taylor standing on Snake River Falls Bridge...SOAKED!

Now mashing our two trips together...

Our first trip this year to Cedar Point was for our Company picnic. They reserve one of the wonderful picnic areas and provide discounted admission tickets as well as a full catered lunch. It's always a hit! This year, we decided to go for a walk after lunch to settle our bellies instead of jumping on the first roller coaster. So our family walked along the Lake Erie coast to see what was on the other side of the peninsula/island. Matt and I already knew the Sandusky Bay Lighthouse at Cedar Point was out this way, so that is where we were headed.

Sandusky Bay Light, replaced with a cylinder style light, marks the entrance to the Sandusky Bay.

Not much to see, so we continued on around the bend...then bam! We found the not-so-know Cedar Point Lighthouse. This is more like it! Tucked away in "Camper World" on the back side of CP is this beauty. Can you imagine, this area used to be the ferry entrance for decades when the ferry shuttles used to run from Cleveland to the park. I could almost feel what the excitement was like to arrive for the first time to the park by boat 100 years ago.

Cedar Point Lighthouse.

But this find wasn't all....imagine my surprise when I gazed across the bay. In the distance was the Marblehead Lighthouse! This is by far my favorite lighthouse. This is the same lighthouse my family has been visiting for years while I was growing up. Now I can add this view to my album of photos.

Marblehead Lighthouse across Sandusky Bay from Cedar Point Amusement Park.

I'll keep looking through my photos, I'm sure I've got more to post!

Until next time!


highlandwriter said...

OMG,Christy - Cedar Point!

When I was 12 we lived in Ohio for a couple of yrs and the school always took us on field trips to Cedar Point. Love seeing your pics.


Maaka said...

I follow you :) Those lighthouses are so beatiful. and the sea or lake... those pictures make me so happy.
My english isn't so good, but I believe you unterstad me anyway :D Better than I

May our heavenly Father bles you and your family.

I will go to wacht more of your lighthouse pictures.

kiSskiSsAngela said...

Wow, cedar point really brings back some memories... I went to college in Michigan, and cedar point was THE spring break destination.. hahaha...
Thank you for stopping by my blogs earlier (like months ago..) and I just wanted to say thank you! and I enjoy you blog also! nice pictures!

Carey R. Piper said...

My husband grew up in Michigan, and had pretty much spend the whole summer on a boat that would dock for a long weekend at "Cedar Piont" at least once a year. Now in Delaware, every summer he mentions that he would love to take the family to "Cedar Point". We've made one trip driving just the two of us to Michigan and I don't think the girls would travel well on the 9 hour (+) car ride. Great Post and I can see why my husband has fond memories of the area.

Cláudia Vargas said...

Obrigada pela visitinha! volte sempre! beijos!!!!

Christine said...

We used to go to Cedar Point every year when I was a kid. I can't believe there was a time when I wasn't afraid of heights...loved the coasters!
The pic of the art deco-ish lighthouse with the blimp in it, is so awesome!

Katie said...

Oooh so jealous! I have always wanted to go to Cedar Point!! So glad your little girl enjoyed the rides!