Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs of Spring....

Today the skies parted and we had a bit of a dry day. We have been drenched with rain here lately and everything is flooded. So when I had the opportunity to get outside and see what was going on, the doors couldn't hold me in anymore. I really could use some signs of spring to shake these winter blahs. The smell of spring was in the air for the first time, and our first robins started flocking around our neighborhood. I even woke the other morning to a songbird serenade, yes I am ecstatic spring is here!

Buds on my favorite lilac bush and the daffodils have broke ground, spring is almost here!

Taylor and I took a walk around the yard for the first time. It was a little bittersweet though, nice to see the yard, bad to see all of the work that needed done as a result of winter. I picked up a bit of trash that had blown into our fence, and moved a few planters, but today's tour was just to assess the damage, and see the new life popping up.

Soon these planters will be filled with beautiful blooms!

Taylor loved it as well. She really could care less about walking around the yard, her main concern was sifting through the sand and picking rocks out. She has had a passion for rocks ever since our trip to Port Huron. She has this need to pick up rock and pebbles everywhere we go. See my post about Port Huron HERE to see Taylor in action!

Taylor picking out a few pebbles out of the sand.

The breeze was really warm as well. It was nice to just sit there on the deck and take in the warmth. Ahhh...I really can't wait for more signs of spring!

Taylor loves the breeze.

I hope to have more photos as the weather warms! Maybe if the water recedes a bit we can go to one of our favorite parks?

Happy Spring!

Until next time...


DiPaola Momma said...

I get giddy like a school girl at the first signs of spring. I'm worried these days that my bulbs got confused when it warmed up and then SNOWED AGAIN! I tell ya some days I miss my home state of CA, then again it's nice to have 4 seasons. LOVE that joyful look on her face!

Welcome to SITS!

The Rambler said...

Great photos :)

Loved song choice number one on your player! From Hawaii so it's nice to see songs of the islands on other blogs.

Welcome to SITS...stopping by to say hello.

Eudae-Mamia said...

Happy Spring, indeed!! My absolute favorite.

Unless it's the first sign of Fall - love that as well.

Winter and Summer are on their own.

Welcome to SiTS! Em

Michaela said...

I love seeing signs of spring too!! I noticed yesterday that my tulips were starting to pop up, I can't wait!!
Thanks for stopping by last week, feel free to come back anytime =)

Lora said...

Stopping by from SITS today...and I'm thankful for those little signs of spring that I'm seeing around here too!

Michelle said...

Swinging by from SITS.

Yay for spring!!! Even though I'm sure we'll still see some more snow here in WI.

Have a great day!!

So Not Mom-a-licious said...

Something about children and sand (or dirt) and rocks... They just go hand in hand. Lately, I have been "smelling" spring. All of my neighbors flowers are very fragrant right now, and I love it! I love leaving the windows open and when the wind blows you can smell all of them.

I am stopping by to welcome you to the SITShood! Hope to see you around!