Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is this cool or what!

I am a very unlucky person. Not just that I have no luck, but really if something could go wrong it probably will. But for once, there is a ray of sunshine and a bright spot in my week.

I love to "blog-hop" and visit various blogs from all over and see what every one's corner of the world looks like. Someone told me about this awesome blog called Tranquility... and Turmoil and I was an instant fan.

The other day I noticed her blog update was about a giveaway. Curious, I popped in to see what it was all about. She was giving away two super items; a punch kit with all types of designs, and a 2-CD learn to speak French set. I was ecstatic! I used to take French lessons in High School and even was made to memorize the whole French National Anthem (Boy that was a long time ago)! You know, once you learn something like this, a little bit is always with you. I have recently been wanting to pick it back up again, and have even thought about borrowing programs from our local library. Now I don't have to, I will have my own because.....I WON!

Check out her post HERE!

I just simply cannot believe I WON! Me? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! To top all of this off, she was also promoting a wonderful group of ladies that have a super blog/comment recognition circle that was kicking off their Spring Fling Giveaways!

Now, not only have I won a great prize, but I found a super group of ladies! I couldn't help it, I really wanted to join their group, and it was so easy!

Check out their website to get involved or for more information HERE!

The whole "blog" experience has now been turned up a notch! I am so excited beyond words! I can stop ranting!

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Lis said...


Susie said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!! Congrats on your win! Isn't this awesome!

Carebear said...

Congrats on your win! That is so exciting! I actually just came by to tell you that the randomly-selected winner of the Cheesecake Factory gift certificate is Joy from Joy to the Blog. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, and for becoming a follower! I hope you enjoy my blog! I try to visit at least 2 of my followers daily to spread comment love so I’ll be seeing you soon!

P.S. Come visit for my best giveaway ever from March 23rd-26th!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yay! Congratulations on your win.

Sapphire said...

Congrats on your win and welcome to SITS! I'll have to check out Tranquility and Turmoil.